Friday, January 25, 2008

『 Kiss?』

Wouldn’t this be a treasured photo for all of you, Mariyan’s fans ?

I got into the swing of things that day and took a lot of photos.
… but, you’re accepting it with pleasure right.

『 Mariyan Part 2 』

The last time I took Mariyan’s photo, there was another pose.

There’s a penguin ornament in Reiko’s room.
Reiko seems to use it as a substitute for an accessory case.
It’s packed with stuff like necklaces and earrings.

Each time, thank you~(^O^)/

My column is on this evening’s edition of the Yomiuri Shinbun ! From now on, I will write once a month for half a year. Those who have the newspaper, please read it ☆
To write by myself in a place like that, please take a look to see if I’m able to do it (*laugh*)
The photograph is of the one who was sitting around me at the recent company dining gathering, Turisuten’s (a tourist’s spot?) Nakagawa-san’s Nakagawa (*laugh*)

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Mina-sa~n ! The Negotiator is showing at 9 this evening. It’s the 3rd episode~☆ Please watch it (^O^)/

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Once again, long time no see…

Recently, I’ve been late in updating gomen nasai (>_<) 「 Today for sure, I’m going to update it!」 that’s what I think and then with the many things I have to do these days, I’m all tired and just fall asleep (*laugh*)
E~ filming of The Negotiator is progressing well, right now we’re done with the 4th, 5th and 6th episode ☆
Yesterday we shot a really gross scene… Wait for it in not too much anticipation ne~ (*laugh*)

Monday, January 21, 2008

『 Mariyan 』

Shirota-kun seems to be called 『 Shirotan 』 by his fans…
So if it’s Mariya, should it be 『 Mariyan 』?
That’s what I thought.

This is the first filming since the start of the year for Shirota-kun.

For today, Mariyan went to Reiko’s room to play.

He’s hugging Reiko’s cushion, quickly take a photo as a keepsake.

「 If you notice in the drama, I was in Reiko’s room 」
Shirota-kun said something like that.
「From inside the closet, I came out and…」
That’s a little too scary.

Friday, January 18, 2008


I did the early spread for Wink up ☆
It’s already been a year since I knew the staff there and it’s always fun with them ♪ Today in the cold, we had a photography shoot outside. Everyone was joking about it though, so we managed to defy the cold (*laugh*)
It’s a long, continuous job ne. From now on, I’d like to continue doing important work ☆

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It’s been awhile…

I met up with D-BOYS members (Yanagishita, Kaji, Wada, Igarashi, Suzuki, Araki, Mikami) ☆
Lately, Yanagishita has been sending me mail but the content is always ‘let’s do it together’, in the subject column he writes 「 Mail is really super 」and he sends it out just like that (*laugh*) I don’t quite get the meaning but it’s cute so I’ll excuse it (^-^) (*laugh*)
The photo is Geki Ranger’s lead actor Suzuki-kun and the villain’s role Araki-kun ♪ Somehow they look like a couple ne (*laugh*)

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Did you watch The Negotiator ~?(^O^)/ I’m happy if many people saw it ♪
From now on, expect Mariya Kyosuke’s secret to be steadily revealed (*laugh*)

The picture is of the hotpot I had when I ate at my parent’s house the other day, it’s been while since I was back there (^O^)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

『Production Press Release・Mariya Kyousuke Edition』

Shirota-kun is in the studio for the editing and doesn’t look like he has any filming.
Finally, I can do an update ne.

He also looks like he’s just been back from the land of everlasting summer.
Playing the role of Mariya Kyousuke Shirota Yuu-san !

The outfit in the photo is for the press release.
Mariya wears white from head-to-toe.

It’s only because of the editing in the studio that he’s here, otherwise his scenes are only with Reiko. So today is actually the first time he meets with the rest of the cast members.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Long time no see !

Sorry for the late update !
Actually, it’s been 5 days since Take Flight ended, the 2 nights and 3 days, I went on a trip to Hawaii (^O^)/
Iyaa, it was the best ! Just as I thought, going to another country is good ☆ It was a great change of pace ♪ It’s a pity that I couldn’t spent a little more time there, but if I can find the time, I’d like to go again (^O^)/
Well then, today and tomorrow begins the press conference for the drama “The Negotiator” ♪
It starts broadcasting at 9 tomorrow evening, so please watch it, ne~(^_-)-☆♪

Friday, January 4, 2008

Launch ☆

Good day ! Today for the remainder of the performance, my footsteps quickly launched into “Take Flight” ♪
Really, this time it was fast… At the start of practice, Take Flight’s songs gave me trouble everyday, but nowadays (because of practice) it became (because of liking it) everyday humming it, to humming it by myself.
I’ve grown up to be an adult na (*laugh*)
Nonetheless, there’s still another performance left tomorrow !
As usual, I’ll do my best for tomorrow’s performance (^O^)
To the people who up to this day, have aided me, really really, thank you very much ! Because of everyone, I’ll do my best ! For the rest of January, yoroshiku (^O^)/

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Late in updating…

The dawn of the New Year has passed, congratulations ! Last year, I had the honour of doing wonderful work and meeting many fantastic people.
In 2008 also, I hope to have more ichigo ichie (once in a lifetime) encounters !
This year too, please treat me well ☆

Osaka ☆

First day ended without a hitch (^O^)/ The theater was super enormous above me, we’ll be doing about 2 weeks of performance so I felt a little awe-struck (>_<)
But the audience was warm and it was enjoyable (^O^)/
Then ! After the performance, I was given some delicious butaman (steamed yeast bun with minced pork filing) ☆ Delicioooous (∪o∪)
Well then, now I’m going to meet up with a friend who by chance is in Osaka now (^_-)-☆