Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good morning.

Did you watch Episode 2 yesterday ?? Watch out for the 3rd episode also ne ! It looked like the focus was on me in the preview (*laugh*)
Well, today I’ll be at the location shoot from early morning too. I think I’ll do it with the high spirits of being a youth ☆
By the way, has everyone made plans for Golden Week ? I’m sure there’ll be people heading overseas… how great na (*laugh*)
As for me, I’ll be in JAPAN doing my best for Rookies (^O^)/

Well then, ne~(^_-)-☆

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good morning ☆

Episode 2 of Rookies will be broadcast today~ ! Today there are many events too ♪
First of all, except for some regions, there will be a re-broadcast of Rookies at 2 o’clock !
After that, from 6:50 to 6:55 「Weekend Weather」!
Continuing from 6:55 I will be a judge on 「The・Iromonea」!
And then !! Finally from 7:56, Episode 2 of Rookies will be broadcast !
Please check without fail ♪
The photo is of a blooming dandelion at a recent filming location ☆ Lovely, isn’t it (^O^)


Weekend Weather →
The Iromonea →

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gal Sone☆

Today I took part in the once-a-year Thanksgiving Day held by Watanabe Entertainment !
Before I realized it, it’s the 5th time I’m taking part in it, and before I realized it the people around the same table I’ve been sitting are all my kouhai … I’m a senpai huh… I’ll do my best !
While in the gathering hall, I caught up with Gal Sone and took a photo together ☆ Actually Gal Sone and me are peers (same age). By the way, Nakagawa Shouko also known as Shokotan is also my peer. And Yanagi Koutaro from my D-BOYS is also one (*laugh*)
Well, I’m a little tired today… I think I’ll go to bed early.
Good night (^_-)-☆

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hyahho ! After filming ended today, there was a baseball practice but it was the first time we played a game (^O^)/ I’m going to look forward to it from now on ☆
Everyone, please give your support to the Nikogaku Nine o(^-^)o

Monday, April 21, 2008


I thought of updating yesterday but then I forgot (*laugh*)
Did you watch the first episode of ROOKIES~? If I feel like everyone is doing that, I’ll do my best everyday (^O^)/ (*laugh*)
Today we’re getting into filming of Episode 3~☆ Rookies is going to become more and more interesting after this, please watch with anticipation(^_-)-☆

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good morning ☆

I gave such a weird quiz yesterday and then I forgot to tell you about the tv program I appeared on after that (*laugh*) Sorry ;)
By the way, the right answer for the quiz is Hiro, that is Onoue-kun ♪
So, finally today Rookies goes ON AIR (^O^) I’m doing a lot of bansen (publicity work) today too~!
First will be 「King’s Branch」 followed by 「Doranabi」 and then 「Channel☆Rock」

And so at last 「ROOKIES」 goes ONAIR at 7 o’clock !!
Don’t miss it !!!


King’s Brunch →
Channel Rock ! →

I forgot…

About the quiz yesterday, the hand on the left was mine ! …That’s it !
Well then, I’m going to Channel Rock for a recording after this ☆
The photo was taken during the free time, of our own Yufune-kun who cries when he gets tired. As you would expect, even with his sleeping face, he’s ikemen ne, unlike me (*laugh*)