Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good morning.

Did you watch Episode 2 yesterday ?? Watch out for the 3rd episode also ne ! It looked like the focus was on me in the preview (*laugh*)
Well, today I’ll be at the location shoot from early morning too. I think I’ll do it with the high spirits of being a youth ☆
By the way, has everyone made plans for Golden Week ? I’m sure there’ll be people heading overseas… how great na (*laugh*)
As for me, I’ll be in JAPAN doing my best for Rookies (^O^)/

Well then, ne~(^_-)-☆

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  1. May I ask why you haven't updated this blog for over two years? Is it because it is in English?or just because you have left the Watanabe Entertainment company and decided not to use their related blog any longer?:)