Sunday, April 27, 2008

Good morning.

Did you watch Episode 2 yesterday ?? Watch out for the 3rd episode also ne ! It looked like the focus was on me in the preview (*laugh*)
Well, today I’ll be at the location shoot from early morning too. I think I’ll do it with the high spirits of being a youth ☆
By the way, has everyone made plans for Golden Week ? I’m sure there’ll be people heading overseas… how great na (*laugh*)
As for me, I’ll be in JAPAN doing my best for Rookies (^O^)/

Well then, ne~(^_-)-☆

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Good morning ☆

Episode 2 of Rookies will be broadcast today~ ! Today there are many events too ♪
First of all, except for some regions, there will be a re-broadcast of Rookies at 2 o’clock !
After that, from 6:50 to 6:55 「Weekend Weather」!
Continuing from 6:55 I will be a judge on 「The・Iromonea」!
And then !! Finally from 7:56, Episode 2 of Rookies will be broadcast !
Please check without fail ♪
The photo is of a blooming dandelion at a recent filming location ☆ Lovely, isn’t it (^O^)


Weekend Weather →
The Iromonea →

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gal Sone☆

Today I took part in the once-a-year Thanksgiving Day held by Watanabe Entertainment !
Before I realized it, it’s the 5th time I’m taking part in it, and before I realized it the people around the same table I’ve been sitting are all my kouhai … I’m a senpai huh… I’ll do my best !
While in the gathering hall, I caught up with Gal Sone and took a photo together ☆ Actually Gal Sone and me are peers (same age). By the way, Nakagawa Shouko also known as Shokotan is also my peer. And Yanagi Koutaro from my D-BOYS is also one (*laugh*)
Well, I’m a little tired today… I think I’ll go to bed early.
Good night (^_-)-☆

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hyahho ! After filming ended today, there was a baseball practice but it was the first time we played a game (^O^)/ I’m going to look forward to it from now on ☆
Everyone, please give your support to the Nikogaku Nine o(^-^)o

Monday, April 21, 2008


I thought of updating yesterday but then I forgot (*laugh*)
Did you watch the first episode of ROOKIES~? If I feel like everyone is doing that, I’ll do my best everyday (^O^)/ (*laugh*)
Today we’re getting into filming of Episode 3~☆ Rookies is going to become more and more interesting after this, please watch with anticipation(^_-)-☆

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Good morning ☆

I gave such a weird quiz yesterday and then I forgot to tell you about the tv program I appeared on after that (*laugh*) Sorry ;)
By the way, the right answer for the quiz is Hiro, that is Onoue-kun ♪
So, finally today Rookies goes ON AIR (^O^) I’m doing a lot of bansen (publicity work) today too~!
First will be 「King’s Branch」 followed by 「Doranabi」 and then 「Channel☆Rock」

And so at last 「ROOKIES」 goes ONAIR at 7 o’clock !!
Don’t miss it !!!


King’s Brunch →
Channel Rock ! →

I forgot…

About the quiz yesterday, the hand on the left was mine ! …That’s it !
Well then, I’m going to Channel Rock for a recording after this ☆
The photo was taken during the free time, of our own Yufune-kun who cries when he gets tired. As you would expect, even with his sleeping face, he’s ikemen ne, unlike me (*laugh*)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Good morning !

At last it’ll be one more day before Rookies goes ON AIR !! I’ve been involved in bansen since morning today~(^O^)/ First the Rookies members, now already regular guests of 「minomontano asazuba」 and 「Ping Pong !」 are going to knock out home-runs ♪
I think I’ll update the schedule after that at about noon ☆


Bansen → short form of bangumi senden, means doing publicity.
minomontano asazuba →

On the tatami mat…

I’m in the middle of a break now~☆
Well, this is abrupt, but which hand do you think is mine ? And also is it the hand of Igarashi OR Ken OR is it Hiro also known as Onoue-kun.
Thinking t~ime♪ (*laugh*)

Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 more days to Rookies !

Today I’m making an appearance on the television program obirajiR ☆ Watch ne~(^O^)/


obirajiR →

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It’s hereー(^O^)

Those who watched 「Ping Pong !」~? I did the first of its kind imitation to be broadcast live in our country (*laugh*)
Ah yes ! Does everyone want to GET this T-shirt too !?

You can buy it from the Right On stores countrywide. It’ll be good you can get the pyjamas too. If you watch Rookies while wearing it, you’d sure to be mates with Shinjo ☆★☆ (*laugh*)


Shinjo → Shirota Yuu’s character in Rookies.

Good morning ♪

Good morning ! This is the Shirota Yuu who woke up at 4am for the first time in a long while, but 4 o’clock is dark and cold and I was so sleepy I didn’t know if it was morning or evening (*laugh*) Waking up early makes me feel like I’ll be able to make full use of the day though, so I like that ☆
Well, it’s now 3 more days till Rookies goes ON AIR !! I’m just done with the early morning location shoot, now I’m heading to TBS to make an appearance on 「Ping Pong !」☆
I’m making an appearance on 「Akashiya-san Channel」at 9 in the evening too, so you must watch ne !


Ping Pong ! →
Akashiya-san Channel →

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Once again…

Found at Omote-sando Station !
4 more days till Rookies is ON AIR~♪

Good morning !

Making an appearance on 「asazuba!」 after this !


asazuba →

Monday, April 14, 2008

Found !!

Found Rookies at Omote-sando Station ! (*laugh*)

Found !

Found Rookies at Akasaka Station !! (*laugh*)

5 more days ☆

Today I’m making a brief appearance on the program 『Ping Pong』 !
5 more days before Rookies goes ON AIR ! I’m going to go all out to promote it !! Watch it ne~(^O^)/