Thursday, February 28, 2008

Good morning☆

Yesterday, in the evening, I went for a little lava bath ♪
When you sweat, the tired body gets refreshed ☆

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Eー… it’s the actual location (*laugh*)

This is Shirota Yuu who yesterday, with Yonekura-san and producer-san and others were playing on the sled ♪
Today, just a while back, I’ve safely ‘upped’ The Negotiator. It was really a great role that I managed to come across ☆ Ah, before long, it’s going to be over, at that time I will say it again slowly but first of all what I want to say now is…
Yonekura-san, everyone in the cast and staff members, really, really thank you very much !!! ☆
That’s what I wanted to say. After this, I’m going to the Rookies poster photo-taking session (^O^)/

Friday, February 22, 2008

E~once again from the actual location (*laugh*)

This is what is referred to as the ‘base’☆It’s situated just a little further away from the actual filming location.
From here the recording, sound and lights people do their checks on the monitor. After everyone has checked, then the OK comes ♪
This is from the actual filming spot ! (*laugh*)

Three times at this location (*laugh*)

There is a snowman in front of the ryokan [Japanese inn]. It looked a little stern, so I added a branch in… Umm, it’s wildly fantastic (*laugh*)
This was from the actual spot !

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eー this is the actual location.

We were filming at this kind of place with such a beautiful scenery.
This is from the actual filming spot ! (*laugh*)

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a great bath~♪

Today I went to Niigata again. As always, the open air bath leaves you with a great feeling (*laugh*) Tomorrow I’ll work hard too ~♪ Cold and influenza seems to be spreading lately, so everyone take care ne !!

Monday, February 18, 2008


I had filming at Yamanashi since early morning ! The scenery was really beautiful ♪ After that I returned to Tokyo and for the first time in so long, put on a gakuran [school uniform for boys] (^O^)/ Rather more like a cosplay isn’t it ! (*laugh*) It was the fitting session for Rookies ☆
Talking about cosplay, during the my work assignment break, I’ll upload this photo of me as a pilot ♪

Saturday, February 16, 2008

☆Backstreet Boys☆

Today I went to see Backstreet Boys live at the Tokyo Dome ♪ They were really cool ~(>_<)
If my wish could come true, I too would want to sing in front of that many people ☆
But I’ll probably be so nervous, I wouldn’t be able to sing (*laugh*)
It’s been awhile that my spirit was uplifted like this day ♪
The photo is Mariya, the weird face version (*laugh*)

Friday, February 15, 2008


Yaho ー ! Did you watch Episode 6 of The Negotiator ~?? More and more, the enigma of Mariyan is intensifying ne ~ (*laugh*)
Meanwhile, I’m at Niigata for the filming ☆
A while ago, I went to the open-air bath at the inn, I feel reeeeaaaalllllyy good (^O^) Alone all the way “Aaah~ feels good, ~happiness~” I was thinking (*laugh*)
This way, I’ll do my best for tomorrow’s filming too ♪ Good night (^_-)-☆
By the way, the photo is taken at Niigata station but I totally don’t know why I did it (*laugh*)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Once again…

Still at the spot where I finished updating the blog a while ago, this time I received chocolate from the producer-san ☆
The photo is of the pink heart container (^O^) When you open it, there’s a small chocolate inside ♪
Or rather, the chocolate these days dress really stylishly ne (*laugh*)


I made 「NIKE ID」 shoes ~☆
When it turned out like this, I thought I had made cow-like shoes (*laughs*) My friend said “They probably won’t be sold in the shops huh ?” but they’re still some splendid original shoes (^O^)/
To make shoes that only you yourself wear at least once, just to try it out, how is it ??

Monday, February 11, 2008


I received a little early Valentine chocolate from Yonekura-san ♪ “It’s a ring !” I was saying then “Eeeeeeh !!?” my heart was thumping as I opened it… it was just normal chocolate (*laugh*)… is it… or rather it was chocolate from BVLGARI !? What the heck is that ?? (*laugh*) Too good to be eaten ! But 5 minutes later, it was already in my belly ☆ (*laugh*) I ate it gratefulーly (^_-)-☆
Before going to shoot for The Negotiator today, I went to Rookie’s baseball practice ♪
Although it was fun to meet all the team-mates already, once the practice ended, my muscles were sore (*laugh*)
To mold myself into a Rookies figure, I’ll keep at it ~(^O^)/

Friday, February 8, 2008

Really lovely feeling

Yesterday, from morning, we did the announcement for the D-Boys auditions through magazines and television (^O^)/
On the way, while making an appearance on Kaminuma Emiko-san’s program (Kaiketsu Emi-chan Neru), amongst all the many senpai, I got really nervous. But with Saitou Satoru-san around, who I was with in Sweeney together, the tension was loosened a little (*laugh*)
But everyone was really good at talking (and it was interesting), I felt like I was a guest ~ I kept laughing (*laugh*) It was really fun ☆
Well, in any case, look forward to whoever the new D-Boys new member will be ☆
The photo is me with the delicious Valentine chocolate that I received from Kaminuma-san ☆

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Some spare time

Photographing will take place in a few minutes, it’s not my turn yet so I’m not going to miss this chance to update, I’ll update with a photograph ! (*laugh*)
This is a Birthday Message collection (?) from some people abroad ☆
Lately, I’ve been receiving fan letters from other countries (America, Taiwan, China, Germany, Indonesia, Australia etc etc…) !! It’s amazing ne ! How do they know about me, I wonder (*laugh*) Is Japan’s world of show business being recognized overseas ? (*laugh*) Well, even if it’s that ! I’m reaaaaaaaaaaaallllly happy (^O^)/♪
At this rate, I wonder if some from Spain won’t come ~☆(笑)
Ah of course, I’m also always grateful for letters from everyone here in Japan ! (*laugh*)
Well then, I’m going to be Mariya soon (^O^)/
Bye ♪


Today, I was at Osaka since morning !
Right now, I’m on my way home on the bullet train. The lavatories on the bullet train these days, they’re as nice as ones in the hotel ne ! (*laugh*)
They’re so beautiful, I just had to take a picture ! (*laugh*)
What I did today, I’ll update again tomorrow (^_-)-☆

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Collecting data

Today was also collecting data day ☆ For the first magazine, I had a chat with Keisuke Koide-kun, who is acting in the new drama Rookies with me which will start in April ☆ The second magazine was a on (a slightly early) Valentine chocolate, for the third magazine, I received jeans from the stylist-san ~(^O^)/
Doing this and that, now I’m back and have some free time ♪ I joined my friends for a meal, now everyone’s playing Dragon Ball ☆ (*laugh*)
Actually after this I’m going for filming for The Negotiator (^_-)-☆

Monday, February 4, 2008

Kamen Rider…

Today was collecting data day !
It’s been awhile meeting with all the kouhai (juniors), there was a ‘fresh’ feeling about it (*laugh*)
The photo is with Seto-chan, who’s playing the role of Kamen Rider Kiva this year ♪ This guy’s really good at doing an imitation of Donald Duck, if you happen to see him around, please ask him to do it for you (*laugh*)

Friday, February 1, 2008

I neglected to write.

E~it’s sudden but Araki was found !